Mermaid Lorel

Lorel, is a handmade mermaid. Her twist of surprise in the depths was complicated to achieve, but she wanted to give it dynamism without seeming forced … endow it with naturalness, as when someone is absorbed in their world and suddenly they are inconvenienced, even more being a being than for the human eyes, does not exist.

Her hair is made of natural black and hand-dyed greenish blue. It is a hair of good quality cause it comes to Tibetan sheep hair, which gives a very good fall and natural look to the sculpture. To impregnate it with magic, I always sprinkle the hair of my characters with glitter;)

Your teeth are shaped in the process of creation, at the same time as your lips, in this way I can manage the size of them depending on the size of the face and the lips of each figure. They are colored once «cooked». Cooked yes, let’s not forget that polymer clay, specifically for this case, needs to be baked to harden it. It is not an outdoor drying material. Each brand has a curing temperature that is expressed on the back of the product…

I hope you like her 🙂


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