About me

My name is Sandra and I live in a pretty city of Spain, Seville. I love the color pink, I love romantic films with a happy ending and I like to consume everything that inspires magic to me.

All my life has been dedicated to art since I was born. I´ve higher education as a Graphic Designer. I’ve studied 2D and 3D animation. I´ve had the opportunity of working in the design sector as well as outside of it, but I’ve never lost my connection with art. I´m a very creative person and I’ve always needed to express it someway.

I started sculpting dolls out of polymer clay since 2013. All my knowledge has been obtained in a self-taught way.

I am inspired by the beauty of things, colors, nature and magic. My favorite themes are fairies and mermaids, although I also enjoy making magical girls and cottage-core aesthetic girls.

My creations are handmade with a very versatile material. I make every detail, from the skeleton to the hair and clothes. My art dolls are one of a kind sculptures (OOAK) They are completely hand sculpted without ever using molds.

They are unique pieces in the world.

The eyes are not made by computer. They are handmade by me. They are made of glass. The body is based on a measure of 9in approximately.

They all come signed on the back of the neck.

I sign and number each sculpture since I started to make them. These unique pieces include a signed Certificate of Authenticity

Each creation is very important for me because they carry a bit of my essence, a part of me. I am trying to capture the soul of each character, making a magical and unique craft, as special and unrepeatable as you. 😉

I feel very happy and lucky to be a handmade artist. I love what I do and I hope to bring a bit of fairy dust to your life.

Thanks for appreciating my work. Be happy