Tutorial: How to make an OOAK art doll

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Hello my magic friends!

Tell me something…

Do you want to know EVERYTHING about it? Well in this guide you will find very easy instructions to follow in VIDEO. Step by step from the beginning and almost in real time, I will help you to create a OOAK fairy or what is the same, a product of which only ONE exists in the world, not reproducible and therefore so valuable.

To do this guide, it is not necessary to have great knowledge in visual arts, although you will need a great virtue: patience. I have seen how my work has evolved with practice, so do not worry, the technique and a well finished job, it can be learned 😉 And for that I created this guide …

Into the guide you will find useful tips and tricks based on my own experience after trial and mistake … but also recommendations that I have gain from tutorials that I have followed myself to improve in my work, like you will do now 🙂

Who is this course for?

These revelations are especially useful if you are starting in the polymer clay. But it will also be an added value to your knowledge if you have already started and intend to develop.

What do you will find here?

The points we will study are: armature, modeling, painting, clothing, hair, wings, details to embellish…

In addition, you will find a BONUS with:

  • How to make a cat
  • How to make a broom
  • How to make glass eyes !!

And if this seems too little, I also add:

  • A list of stores where I myself find everything you need for your new creature
  • A basic GUIDE of human body patterns that you can download or print as a reference.

What do you think? Dare you? Dare to give shape to your imagination. 🌟

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